The Democratic Party is a big tent – nationally and locally.  Our vision is not monolithic.  When we discuss issues, we usually agree but sometimes disagree.  We do our best to listen carefully to each other and be respectful, considerate, and open-minded.

Here are some thoughts on issues of current importance that most local Democrats would agree on.


Every child and every citizen should have a basic grounding in civics and government.  The Morris School system’s public schools provide this basic education.  Private school children and home-schooled children should also receive it.  An understanding of American history, government, and ideals is vital to the health of our democracy.

Fair Elections

Everyone who is eligible to vote should be able to vote and to have their vote counted.  Voter suppression, and lying about the results of an election, should be strongly condemned.  When an election contest is over, the loser should graciously concede to the winner. 

Reproductive Health Care

The Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the fundamental rights established almost 50 years earlier in Roe v. Wade was a grievous mistake and is very unpopular with the American people.  Abortion is now outlawed in many states.  In some states (such as South Carolina and Texas) there may seem to be exceptions, but women find it very difficult to get exceptions approved.  In other states (Alabama), the are no exceptions for rape, incest, or to preserve the health or future fertility of the mother.

Women in New Jersey still have their rights – for now.  But a future Republican Congress and Republican President could take those rights away.  New Jersey women are safe ONLY for as long as Democrats control the presidency or one or more houses of Congress.

Statements by some members of the U.S. Supreme Court seem to indicate support for making birth control illegal.  The Alabama Supreme Court’s February 2024 decision that frozen human embryos, which consist of only a few dozen cells, are “children”, was very troubling.

Safety and Quality of Life

We are grateful that Morris Township is a safe place to live.  We’re confident our town will continue to have a well-trained police force and that state and local government will work together to maintain high quality emergency services. 

Our quality of life is greatly enhanced by the presence of Morristown (the “donut hole” in Morris Township’s “donut”) and by other nearby towns with appealing shopping and cultural destinations.  Life in Morris Township is also enhanced by New York City, just 30 miles and an hour’s train ride away.  New York is still the greatest city in the USA, and has a low crime rate compared to most other major American cities.

Gun Violence, including Suicide by Firearm

Assault weapons such as the AR-15 were designed for military use.  They have no value for hunting.  (Not that hunting with guns is allowed in Morris Township anyway!)  An AR-15 isn’t a practical weapon for use against a home intruder.  Sale of assault weapons to private individuals should stop.

Stronger gun safety laws should be enacted nationwide, and can be, consistent with the Supreme Court’s current interpretation of the Second Amendment.

A number of years ago the Republican Congress outlawed federal funding for research on gun violence. Perhaps they feared what the research would show.  Still, enough research has been done to show that when people buy a handgun for home defense, the two most likely ways the gun will be used are (1) someone in the household will accidentally or intentionally shoot someone else in the household, (2) someone in the household will use the gun to commit suicide. 

We advocate for background checks before all gun purchases, and for removal of firearms from households where someone is found to be violent or mentally unstable.

Polarization and the Media

Americans are more likely than a generation ago to get their news from biased, or even fringe, news sources.  Social media exaggerate the most extreme views.  Most cable TV networks cater to segments of the ideological spectrum rather than the broad middle.  Most local newspapers in the U.S. have gone out of business (and the ones that remain are often controlled by conglomerates with hidden, extreme agendas).  All of these trends contribute to greater polarization and make it more difficult for neighbors to talk to each other.

Everyone should seek out a variety of news sources.  If you usually watch Fox News, try CBS/NBC/ABC sometimes.  If you love to watch MSNBC, try Fox or OAN every now and then. 

For local news, we in Morris County are luckier than many other areas of the country.  We have the Morris NewsBee, the Morristown Green news website, and other local outlets.  Please subscribe to the outlet of your choice. 


The 2024 Presidential Election

Joe Biden has done a good job as President and should be re-elected.  Yes, he is old, older than most of us would prefer a president to be.  He walks stiffly due to some neuropathy in his feet, as was reported by his doctor after his last physical exam.  He speaks a bit indistinctly because he has always struggled with a speech impediment, and he can’t compensate for it as well as he could when he was younger.  Mentally he appears to be sharp.  His work with Congress to pass major bills that help American infrastructure and manufacturing shows that he is more than competent.  He understands the world and he loves our country and our democracy. 

Donald Trump is nearly as old as Joe Biden.  When he was President, his doctor issued a ridiculous, obviously false report on his physical exam; we really don’t know Trump’s physical condition.  We do know that Trump has no respect for American democracy, the American military, the American working class voter, or the truth.  He doesn’t understand America’s role in the world.  He openly admires dictators like Vladimir Putin who kill their enemies at will.  Trump is a master of showmanship, but he is totally unfit to be President.