There are several ways you can become involved in the electoral process through the Morris Township Democratic Committee, including:

  • Volunteer on a campaign. Make phone calls, stuff envelopes, host a house party or write a letter to the editor.
  • Volunteer to serve as a district representative on our committee.
  • Attend the monthly meetings of our committee held¬†at the Morris County Library. Even if you are not a district representative, there are many things you can do to help; for example, you can plan events, help with marketing, canvass during a campaign, or do data entry or research.
  • Register to vote and make sure to vote in both the primaries and general elections.
  • Help register others to vote and encourage them to get to the polls.
  • Attend meetings of our governing body, the Morris Township Committee. Become familiar with the issues facing our town. The meetings are held once a month, generally on Wednesdays, at the Municipal Building, 50 Woodland Avenue.

Morris Township Districts Map