Our two Democratic candidates, Cathy Wilson and John Arvanites, won seats on the Morris Township Committee on Nov. 7, 2017! Cathy is the first woman Democrat ever elected to this Committee. Additionally, we believe this is the first time two Democrats have been elected at the same time.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the campaign and voted for more open government! Cathy got 4,065 votes; John got 3,970; Louise Johnson got 3,685 and Nicole Saphier got 3,679. Turnout was about 45 percent.


The Morris Township Democratic Committee (MTDC) welcomes all residents to join our committee and to participate in our meetings, events and programs.  Morris Township consists of 23 voting districts, and the committee consists of one man and one woman from each district. Meetings are held at the Morris County Library on the fourth Thursday of every month  and are open to the public.