Exciting times for Morris Twp Dems! For the first time ever, Morris Township has a competitive primary on the Dem side.

Dan Falkner (former Navy helicopter pilot, Columbia MBA) and Mark Gyorfy (former Congressional staffer, Morris Township native son, volunteer firefighter), earned the endorsement of the Morris Township Democrats in our first-ever nominating convention on March 27th and have the full support of the Morris County Democrats. Dan and Mark bring a wealth of knowledge and public service experience to the table, and we couldn’t be more excited to support them in their campaign to take the majority on the Township Committee for the first time.

To volunteer or donate to their campaign, please go to their website:

As some of you may know, Jeff Grayzel placed third in our nominating convention. Afterwards, Jeff decided to run on his own in the Primary and later asked Tara Olivo-Moore to be his running mate. Their entry takes this race to a whole new level. A competitive primary is a milestone in the growth of the Morris Township Dems – both in numbers and in stature.

ALL of Morris Township’s 5,528 Dems have new reason to pay attention and participate in the June 5th Primary. We will be working enthusiastically on behalf of Dan and Mark. 

GO DEMS! This is what democracy looks like!

Campaign lawn signs are now available!

Show your support for Dan and Mark for Morris Township Committee!

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The Morris Township Democratic Committee (MTDC) welcomes all residents to join our committee and to participate in our meetings, events and programs.  Morris Township consists of 23 voting districts, and the committee consists of one man and one woman from each district. Meetings are held at the Morris County Library on the fourth Thursday of every month and are open to the public.