Exciting Times

What an exciting time to be a voter in Morris Township! 

This spring, the Democratic Party experienced its first-ever competitive primary for Township Committee.  Turnout exceeded expectations – twice as many Democrats as Republicans voted on June 5.  We selected two excellent candidates to fill two seats on the committee during November’s general election.  Jeff Grayzel and Mark Gyorfy combine experience at multiple levels of government with a commitment to openness and to serving the interests of all our residents.

Already, with two Democrats – Cathy Wilson and John Arvanites – on the committee, residents are beginning to see how our local government can be more transparent and more responsive to voter concerns than ever before.

To focus on her Township Committee work, Cathy Wilson recently stepped down as Chair of the Morris Township Democratic Committee (MTDC) after two tremendously successful years.  Our membership has never been larger, more engaged, or more enthusiastic.  We are deeply grateful to Cathy for giving us such a strong foundation to build on.

And we must continue to build, from the local level on up. 

Many Americans know just how important the 2018 elections will be.  They want government that works for them, not for the few.  They want leaders who speak to them honestly.  They realize now how the federal government officials they disapprove of are supported by local government officials.  More and more, they see that it is NOT okay to vote at the local level for a party that is harmful at the national level.

We encourage all our fellow Democrats, as well as all our neighbors and friends, to become more involved in the electoral process. If you’d like to become involved, we highly recommend that you air your point of view at the public meetings of the Township Committee and various township boards and commissions.  We also invite you to attend MTDC’s monthly meetings. Please feel free to contact me or any member of MTDC if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you!

George Quillan

Chair, Morris Township Democratic Committee



You are Invited to Our Committee Meetings

The Morris Township Democratic Committee (MTDC) welcomes all residents to join our committee and to participate in our meetings, events and programs.  Morris Township consists of 23 voting districts, and the committee consists of one man and one woman from each district. Meetings are held at the Morris County Library on the fourth Thursday of every month and are open to the public.

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