Voting Districts and District Representatives

You may contact your district representatives by writing an email after clicking HERE. Please include your address and telephone number in the
email. You can download a PDF of the Morris Township Voting Districts - HERE

What is an MTDC District Representative?
The voting members of the Morris Township Democratic Committee are often informally referred to as district representatives, or “district reps”. Formally, they are members of both the Morris County Democratic Committee (MCDC) and the Morris Township Democratic Committee (MTDC). The district reps are the voice of the Democratic Party in Morris Township. New Jersey state law controls much of how MTDC is structured. By law, there can be no more than two representatives per voting district. Morris Township has 23 voting districts, and so there can be no more than 46 district reps. Most of the members have been elected in primary elections, which are held every two years. When a vacancy occurs, MTDC can elect any registered Democrat from the township to fill the position.

Representatives by District



What are the responsibilities of MTDC District Reps?
Here are some activities that are typically expected of district reps. It would be an unusual person who would do everything on this list. People differ in what they are comfortable emphasizing and in what they have time for.

1. Know your district. Get to know as many of its residents as possible, and discuss their
interests and concerns. Seek out conversations with unaffiliated voters and
Republicans, not just Democrats.

2. Actively support Democratic candidates in Morris Township, Morris County, and
beyond. Activities can include:

  • Contacting voters (door to door canvassing; phone banking, postcard writing, etc.)
  • Ensuring that people in the district are registered to vote, particularly young people
    and new residents
  • Researching issues to be used in campaigns
  • Designing websites or mailers
  • Distributing campaign material
  • Making financial contributions to candidates, and to MTDC and MCDC
  • Hosting events such as fundraisers and “meet and greets” for candidates.

3. Stay politically engaged. Know what the key issues are nationally, in New Jersey, in
Morris County, and in Morris Township. Wherever possible, find ways to connect larger
issues (e.g., across the world or the USA) to things that directly affect the lives of voters
in Morris Township.

4. Help build the party

  • Participate in MTDC’s monthly meeting
  • Volunteer and support MTDC in reaching new residents
  • Recruit new members to MTDC
  • Identify and promote potential candidates for local office (or volunteer to run
  • Vote in MTDC elections and at MCDC conventions
  • Help strengthen the ties between MTDC and allied group.    

5. Attend governmental meetings as a member of the public to stay informed and make
your opinions known.

6. Help the local government do its work by volunteering to serve on local boards and

Democrats who are not district reps can help with these activities.