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Jeff Grayzel and Donna Guariglia are both long-term residents of Morris Township with a dedication to community service and volunteerism. They will use the knowledge, accumulated experiences, and resources they have acquired to meet the needs of Morris Township residents and make our town the best it can be.

Donna’s financial experience as the longtime treasurer of USA Hockey will help to keep spending practices of the Township in line with the budget while maintaining excellent services. Jeff’s engineering experience will help keep the municipality operating efficiently. They know how to make the hard choices that are necessary even when controversial to keep us solvent and not have to rely on tax increases.


Open and transparent government is important, and they plan to continue to improve upon what our Township Committee has done in recent years to keep our residents informed and make our town the most welcoming of all communities.

They will address and maintain our infrastructure needs and ensure that our parks and recreation facilities in every neighborhood get the needed updates they deserve. 

They are as concerned as our residents are about neighborhood safety and will promote the installation of new sidewalks and bike pathways to ensure pedestrian safety while working to cut down on neighborhood speeding.

And they are opposed to over-development as they see in many towns around us. They will work to ensure that only appropriate development that fits with our town is built in Morris Township.

Questions? Contact them at [email protected] or visit their website at

Please support their campaign and remember to vote on Nov. 8th!