Mark and Tara
Committed to Our Community...

During a time of partisanship and gridlock, Morris Township needs elected officials who will work with one another, take the input of residents seriously, and govern openly and responsibly.

Mark Gyorfy and Tara Olivo-Moore have years of experience serving the community and have proven they will work hard for residents when on the Morris Township Committee. With their institutional knowledge, dedication to service, and commitment to open, responsible, and transparent governing, Morris Township residents will have a government that they deserve.

Mark, Morris Township’s Deputy Mayor, has served the town as a volunteer firefighter for over a decade. Before working in the private sector, Mark served as a Congressional staffer, providing him the knowledge to legislate effectively, and communicate proactively with residents. 

Tara, a nurse practitioner, and former emergency room nurse is currently serving on the Township’s Board of Health as vice chair and on the Board of Adjustment. Now, more than ever, it is important for our governing body to draw upon the skills and learnings gained by those who, like Tara, have served on the frontlines during the past year of this pandemic.

Together, Mark and Tara, will bring their dedication to service, government experience, and concern for the wellbeing of others to the Township Committee.

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