It's Vital We Send Sherrill to D.C.

By Cece Kent

I urge every voter in New Jersey's 11th Congressional District to join me in supporting Mikie Sherrill.  Mikie represents what is the best in New Jersey values, having served her country as a Naval pilot and U.S. attorney

This will be no slam dunk election. Our opponents are desperate to keep this seat, which has been filled by Rodney Frelinghuysen for the past 24 years, in Republican control.

It is vital that NJ11th voters send a representative to Washington who will help counter the current administration’s damaging policies. President Trump and his accomplices have done much more in 18 months to undermine American democracy and harm New Jersey constituents than any other administration or institution. They have:

  • reduced our social safety net for the most vulnerable among us;
  • taken women's issues back decades;
  • refused to support shooting victims with reasonable gun control measures;
  • hurt NJ's economy by fighting the Gateway Tunnel;
  • increased income inequality for all but the top 1 percent with a tax bill that delivers 84 percent of its benefits to the richest individuals and corporations, while harming many "blue" state residents, including New Jerseyans, through state and local tax deduction limits;
  • raised the specter of human rights violations along our border by ripping children from their parents for the misdemeanor of entering our country illegally;
  • alienated our oldest and truest world allies while courting countries that want to harm our democratic way of life;
  • created trade conditions that hurt far more Americans than they help;
  • corruptly used their government offices to enrich themselves;
  • all the while, trying to change our value system from a truth-based, ethical culture to a flim-flam, con game where getting away with something for your own personal gain is totally justified.

Mikie will need all our support both with volunteer activities and fundraising to mount a successful campaign. Please help build the groundswell that will overtake our opponent and elect her.  For information on how you can help Mikie, check out

Cece Kent is a member of the Morris Township Democratic Committee and serves as the Democratic district representative for the township’s District 4. The viewpoint expressed in this blog post is not necessarily an official position of the Morris Township Democratic Committee.