Party Election Platform

Transparent and Open Government 

We believe citizens have valuable insights and can be crucial participants in driving initiatives that benefit the entire community.  Communication and a welcoming atmosphere will foster collaboration and deep, meaningful connections within our community.


Any delay on climate action is a predatory delay.  Our children will pay the worst consequences of inaction - or slow action. Already, the most vulnerable populations are bearing the brunt of climate change.  The solutions are there, the technology is there, the economic incentives are there, and we have the ability to drive meaningful change at the local level.  

Social Justice

We believe that all people, regardless of gender identity, race, class, sexual orientation, disability status, or religion, should be treated equally.  Some of our community members have been systematically excluded from opportunities, and the knowledge of this kind of exclusion must inform all of our policies.

Data Privacy/Cybersecurity

We must ensure that the security of our residents’ information is guarded and protected now and into the future.  In the day and age where people’s data is packaged and sold like a commodity, we must be aware of these risks and make policy decisions with our residents’ best interest in mind. With the personal data that residents entrust to the local government, we must also ensure that our town’s digital ecosystem is secure and invulnerable to cyber criminals.

Public Safety

We understand the importance of public safety and preparedness – it’s ingrained in our DNA. For nearly a decade, we have put the safety of others first: Dan is a veteran of operation Iraqi freedom and the global war on terror, Mark is a volunteer firefighter with the Morris Township Fire Department and advised a Member of Congress on homeland security policy. Township residents can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to make sure our policemen, firefighters, and EMT’s have the resources they need to keep Morris Township safe and secure.

Community Investment

Our children deserve a community that fosters and supports their growth, no matter what part of town they live in. We know that when all of our neighborhoods succeed, our Township succeeds. That’s why we want to work towards supporting areas of the Township that have seen underinvestment in years past and improvements delayed as others get placed ahead of them.  


Morris Township has some of the lowest property taxes in the region—we will work to keep it that way. Township residents send enough tax dollars to Trenton and Washington; it’s time Morris Township fought to earn some of those hard-earned dollars back from state and federal coffers. That’s why we will support John Arvanites and Cathy Wilson on the Township Committee, to make sure that their proposed tax decreases stick.