Cathy Wilson - Chair of MTDC



I would like to truly thank each and every one of you for everything you have done to help the Morris Township Dems during this historic election season. We had a great year building the party, and our campaign efforts succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. I have the  honor of being the first Democratic woman ever elected to the Morris Township Committee, and we believe this is the first time two Dems were elected in the same year. 

In case you’re interested, here are the official vote totals according to the Morris County Clerk’s website: Wilson - 4,065; Arvanites - 3,970; Johnson - 3,685; Saphier - 3,679. We’re proud of these numbers, especially given the fact that our Republican counterparts still hold a registration advantage of about 250 voters.
So many people worked so hard to help us - this was truly a team effort.  We want to especially thank those who: made financial contributions; took lawn signs; made phone calls; stuffed envelopes (even showing up on an hour’s notice to stuff 1,300 of them in the final days before the election); knocked on doors; and wrote letters to the editor in support of our campaign, including Jody Marcus, Cece Kent, Anne Simone, Josh Saks, Siva Jonnada, Linda DeLap, Cindy Marvin, George Quillan, Melanie Hostetter, Ara Barsamian, and Lauren Cranmer. 

We are in the process of planning our next big event - a holiday party for December. Details coming soon… We strongly encourage EVERYONE to attend - what a festive celebration this will be!

And, of course, you are all invited to the Township Committee’s Re-Organization meeting in early January to see us get sworn in. Details on that to come as well.
Many, many thanks to everyone!
Cathy Wilson