MTDC's 2019 Fall Fundraiser Had a lot of Jazz! 

With the Leonieke Scheuble Trio








Campaign Kick-off a success!

We had a great turnout of 60+ attendees to the launch of Jeff and Mark for Township Committee Campaign. The sun came out just in time for the speeches! 


Please "like" their campaign Facebook page JEFF AND MARK FOR TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE.



Cathy Wilson (far right) presides over her last meeting as MTDC Chair.

Wilson Passes the MTDC ‘Baton’ to Quillan

Cathy Wilson, who is now an elected member of the Morris Township Committee, recently presided over her last meeting as Chair of the Morris Township Democratic Committee (MTDC). The MTDC elected George Quillan as its new chair and designated Cathy as Chair Emerita.

During her two years of service as the MTDC’s leader, Cathy was responsible for reinvigorating the committee, growing its membership, and spearheading the Democratic effort to capture two seats on the Township Committee.


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