It's a Competitive Primary!

Dan Falkner (former Navy helicopter pilot, Columbia MBA) and Mark Gyorfy (former Congressional staffer, Morris Township native son, volunteer firefighter), earned the endorsement of our local party, the Morris Township Democratic Committee, for the 2018 race to get Dems elected to our local governing body, the Morris Township Committee. Dan and Mark are now our official Dem nominees for Morris Township Committee and have the full support of the Morris County Democrats.

Jeff Grayzel (who’s run many times, served two terms on the Township Committee, but has been absent from our local party for more than two years) placed third in our nominating convention. Afterwards, Jeff decided to run on his own in the Primary and later asked Tara Olivo-Moore to be his running mate.

So Dan and Mark, our official Dem nominees, are running against Jeff and Tara in the June 5th Primary.

Voters can pick any two of these four candidates. The top two vote-getters in the June 5th Primary will run against the Republican candidates (incumbent Bruce Sisler and newcomer Joe Calvanelli) in the Nov. 6th General Election.

May 15th is the last day to register to vote in the primary if you are not registered to vote and also the last day to change your address on your voter registration if you have moved to Morris Township.

Please come out and vote on June 5th for Dan and Mark!