Election 2017: A re-set in New Jersey and an awakening of Democrats in Morris Township!

2017 is our opportunity for a fresh start in New Jersey.

At the national level, President Trump and a Republican congress are giving New Jersey the opposite of what we voted for: fewer consumer protections, less oversight on who gets access to firearms, and weakened environmental protections. They have also made repeated attempts to strip healthcare from millions of people.

On the state level, after eight years of Chris Christie, our economy is lagging. We’ve suffered through Bridgegate and, most recently, a holiday shutdown of some of our most beautiful beaches - for the rest of us but not for our governor. From commuters on New Jersey Transit to homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy, New Jerseyans are feeling left behind and disrespected after this administration. Phil Murphy will change all that.

Standing up to Trump and fixing Christie's mess starts at the local level. It starts by electing our Democratic candidates, Cathy Wilson and John Arvanites, to the currently all-Republican Morris Township Committee. 

If you want more information or can help with the Wilson/Arvanites campaign please go to VoteCathyandJohn.com  or  to CathyforCommittee.org.

It’s also important to elect Democrats to other local offices. That will send a message to Washington and add new voices and new ideas to help solve local problems. The Democrats have a strong slate of candidates this year for Morris Township voters: Dr. Lisa Bhimani for state senate; Tom Moran and Rich Corcoran for state assembly; and Dr. Rozella Clyde for freeholder.

Every vote always counts, but this is especially true when so many races are anticipated to be so close.

Please be sure to vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017!